Custodian/Depositary arrangements

The Company’s depositary is HSBC Bank plc, Poultry, London EC2P 2BX (the ‘Depositary’).

The Depositary is responsible for: safekeeping of the Company’s financial instruments; verifying the ownership by the Company of other assets belonging to the Company; monitoring and verifying the Company’s cashflows; ensuring that the following are carried out in accordance with applicable law, rules and regulations:

  • The Depositary’s implementation of instructions from the Manager;
  • The sale, issue, re-purchase, and valuation of the Company’s shares; and
  • Any consideration is remitted to the Company within the usual time limits in transactions involving the Company’s assets.

The Depositary may delegate the custody of financial instruments held for the Company to sub-custodians (who may appoint sub-delegates). Financial instruments may be held in the name of a nominee of the Depositary or any sub-custodian (or any sub-delegate).

The Depositary has not entered into any arrangement contractually to discharge itself of liability in accordance with Article 21(13) of the AIFMD in relation to the Company. The Company will notify investors in advance of any changes with respect to the discharge by the Depositary of its liability.

The fees of the Depositary are calculated on a sliding scale dependent on the net asset value of the Company.


Download the AIFMD investor information document

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