Portfolio restrictions

Yield target

  • 120-140% of that of the FTSE All-Share Index

Number of holdings

  • The portfolio will normally contain 70-80 holdings but it may be more or less concentrated from time to time as circumstances require


  • Annual turnover will normally be limited to 50% of the portfolio (average of purchases and sales during the year)

Stock and sector limits

  • There will be an absolute limit of 10% on individual stocks and 25% on a specific sector irrespective of their weighting in the benchmark

International investment

  • Up to 20% of the portfolio can be invested in listed international equities in developed economies

Cash limits

  • A level of 10% of shareholder funds is regarded as a guideline maximum holding in cash, although this is dependent on market conditions

Fixed interest

  • From time to time fixed interest holdings or non-equity interests may be held on an opportunistic basis

Derivative instruments

  • Derivative instruments are not normally used but in certain circumstances, and with the prior approval of the Board, their use might be considered either for hedging purposes or to exploit a specific investment opportunity

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