Investment process

The Manager’s investment process is designed to produce the ‘best ideas’ which should drive active fund management within a rigorous control framework. The framework begins by narrowing down the universe of stocks. Companies with a market capitalisation above £200 million are put through a screening process which highlights the weakest performing stocks. This isolates opportunities with attractive sentiment characteristics which are then in turn scrutinised in greater detail to identify potential investment opportunities.

The process is very much bottom-up and can result in large sector positions if enough companies of sufficient interest are found within a single sector. However, top down risk analysis helps to identify potential concentration of sector risk and brings this awareness into portfolio construction. The portfolio comprises stocks which have been purchased for different reasons and at different times. In general, because of the bottom-up stock selection approach, each of these reasons is independent of the other and the portfolio should therefore not be excessively vulnerable to longer term macro trends. 

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