Our competitive advantage

  • We seek to be rational when other investors are irrational
  • We have long holding periods (on average 4-5 years); we are investors not speculators
  • Slow but steady turnover of the portfolio should ensure a good blend of companies and sectors with different characteristics and at different stages of recovery
  • We take a contrarian, value approach but are very index aware
  • We undertake deep fundamental analysis
  • We use Enterprise Value (EV) rather than market capitalisation to ensure analysis allows for debt, pension deficits, contingent liabilities, working capital corrections, provisions and other liabilities
  • We are highly downside aware

Research document: How does the company generate its turnover, profitability and cash and how do these parameters interact?, What is the conventional wisdom, How can we oppose conventional wisdom?, Scenario Analysis to consider worst-case situations, Can we oppose conventional wisdom with a large margin of safety

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