How has Temple Bar performed relative to the stockmarket this year?
Temple Bar is principally invested in UK stocks. Shouldn't I be looking to diversify into global equity markets?

It is certainly true that, in general, diversification is a good thing. However, what is appropriate for a particular investor will depend on their personal circumstances and we cannot, therefore, give specific advice. It is always worth remembering that most large UK companies trade around the world – indeed many make more of their profits offshore than in the UK – so even a 100% UK portfolio provides a measure of international exposure. Temple Bar does have the authority to invest up to 20% of the portfolio in listed international equities in developed economies.

Temple Bar has performed well in the past, what is the future outlook?

It is impossible to know exactly what the future holds. All that we can say with confidence is that, historically, the stock market has produced superior investment returns for long holding periods, by comparison with savings accounts and bond based investments. Though it's important to remember that your capital is at risk with a stock market based investment like Temple Bar, whereas it is not at risk with a savings account.

How risky is investing in Temple Bar Investment Trust?

Like any investment it is possible for the value of Temple Bar shares to fall. How much would depend on how far the broader UK market fell and the success or otherwise of the particular stocks held by Temple Bar. As a broad-based UK fund mainly investing in larger companies Temple Bar might be regarded as "medium" risk, In a range where gilts and corporate bonds would typically be "low" risk and equities would typically be "high" risk.

How long should I hold my investment?

When setting out on making an investment in the stock market we think that you should be thinking of holding on for at least five years. Shares can fall in value as well as rise, but historically have been the best long-term investments. So, it is probably true to say "the longer the better", but always remembering that it is possible to cash in your investment at any time.

What is the current discount/premium of the share price relative to the net asset value and how does this compare to the sector average?

View a graph showing Temple Bar's current discount/premium by comparison with its history. Unfortunately we do not have real time data on the discount/premium by comparison with its sector.

Has the Temple Bar dividend increased over time?

Yes. Please see our section on Dividends for further information.

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We recommend that you seek independent financial advice to ensure Temple Bar is suitable for your investment needs.

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