The first three years

A reflection on the first three years of Redwheel’s management of the portfolio.

Time to come home

Ian Lance explores the attractions of UK equities (and other global markets) relative to the US stock market.

The enduring appeal of banks

An exploration of the attractions of the modern banking business model and why we believe banks can still represent very profitable investments.

Share buybacks…

A look at the importance of share buybacks and the importance of sensible capital allocation, using the case study of a successful FTSE 100 business.

Ignore the doom-mongers…

Ian Lance provides an alternative perspective on the volatility that has recently been evident in UK financial markets and explores what it is likely to mean for investors going forward.

Annus horribilis for investors?

It is an understatement to say that the first half of 2022 was a torrid time for most investors. In this article, we explore the reasons why positive returns have been hard to come by this year, and find considerable cause for optimism going forward.

The long & the short of it

An exploration of the shortcomings of the asset management industry’s focus on short-term performance.

Lessons from the capital cycle

An exploration of how capital cycle analysis can help long-term investors to identify profitable industry cycles and avoid areas where the market is over-valued and acutely vulnerable to declining returns.