Charles Cade

Charles Cade was appointed a Director in 2022. He has over 25 years’ experience in the investment Companies sector, and was ranked among the leading analysts throughout his career at Numis Securities, Winterflood Securities, HSBC and Merrill Lynch. He joined the City following an MBA, having previously worked for a consultancy firm and as an […]

Shefaly Yogendra

Shefaly Yogendra, PhD was appointed a Director in 2019. She was most recently the COO of Ditto AI, a symbolic AI startup. She built her career in corporate venturing in the technology industry, followed by strategy advisory work on emerging technologies with investors, regulators and leaders of operating companies. She focuses on digital leadership and […]

Lesley Sherratt

Lesley Sherratt was appointed a Director in 2015. She has twenty-five years’ experience as an investment manager, specialising in the analysis of financial services companies but also running the global equity team at Flemings. She was formerly Investment Director of the Save & Prosper and Fleming Flagship ranges of funds, and CEO and CIO of […]

Richard Wyatt

Richard Wyatt was appointed a Director in 2017. He is a former Group Managing Director at Schroders and a Partner at Lazard. He was chairman of the media agency Engine Group and served on the Regulatory Decisions Committee of the FSA. He is currently a global partner of Rothschild & Co, chairman of Loudwater Partners […]

Arthur Copple

Arthur Copple, Chairman, was appointed a director in 2011. He has specialised in the investment company sector for over 30 years. He was a partner at Kitcat & Aitken, an executive director of Smith New Court PLC and a managing director of Merrill Lynch. He is currently Chairman of Montanaro UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust […]